Management Strategy

Our company aims to set the standard for the industry, and establish itself as the number .1 Company in the world.

“Our company aims to make ASABA sprayers the worldwide industry standard, and to establish itself as the undisputed leader in the field.” At the time of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, this is the basic mission statement of ASABA MANUFACTURING INC. We are now following it towards the realization of new targets, such as the acquisition of ISO 9001
The core of our strategy is the Philippines factory, which we opened in 1998. We have positions this factory as the large-scale production base for overseas activities, and it has obtained ISO9002 certification. In 2002, a second factory in the Philippines was also completed and began operation as part of our effort to establish a high quality productive organization. Philippines factory also manufactures Automobile related article as well.
ASABA’s core technologies, such as mist control systems and spray manufacturing techniques form the backbone of our production organization. We have also been developing epoch-making new products, including the world’s first ceramic spray nozzle, and the first small high-pressure pump in the industry to use ceramic gears. We believe that our advanced technology is our main asset, with which we will be able to increase the market penetration of the ASABA brand, and make our firm the undisputed leader in the field.
It is believed that the Asian and Central American countries will become major centers of food production in the future, and the huge agricultural related market will continue to expand. In response to this trend, we established the “International Department, Manila Branch” in 2001, with foreign trade and overseas marketing as its primary duties. By actively promoting the sales of our own brand in the Asia market, and also manufacturing for other firms on an OEM basis, ASABA aims to develop itself from the top level company in Japan to the worldwide leader in our field.